The FreedomCivics course is available in two printed workbooks (teacher’s

and student). Accurate history and the four founding documents are included: 

The Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinance,

and the U.S. Constitution (including the Bill of Rights and the 17 amendments that followed).  The course has 20 sessions (plus three quizzes and a final exam). 

It is designed for high school and college-age students. It is suitable for all adults.


      FreedomCivics Contents

Session 1 -  The Spirit of the American Revolution:  Historical Foundations


Session 2 - The First Colonies: Advancing Liberty in the New World

       Activity – Map of the First Colonies / States


Session 3 – Foundations of American Government; the Enlightenment        


Session 4 – The Declaration of Independence; Causes of Revolution

Map of the Revolutionary War Battles

Activity – Revolutionary War Events

Declaration of Independence (full text)



Session 5 – Articles of Confederation

       Activity – Problems - Land Claims of 1783

       Articles of Confederation (full text)


Session 6 – The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

Map of the Northwest Territory showing Future States

                       Northwest Ordinance (full text)


Session 7 – Constitutional Convention; Preamble of the U.S. Constitution

       Activity - U.S. Constitution Crossword Puzzle

       U.S. Constitution (full text)


Session 8 – U.S. Constitution, Article I, Legislative Branch

       Activity – Constitutional Advisor

How Does a Bill Become a Law?


Session 9 – U.S. Constitution, Article II, Executive Branch

       Activity – U.S. Constitution Word Search



Session 10 – U.S. Constitution, Article III to VII, Judicial Branch

and Implementation of the Constitution

       Activity - U.S. Constitution Word Puzzle


Session 11 – Review of the U.S. Constitution


Session 12 – Ratification Debates


Session 13 – Bill of Rights, Amendments I-VIII

Activity - Which Amendment was Violated?

Amendments I to X (full text)


Session 14 – Bill of Rights, Amendments IX and X, Federalism

       Activity – Match the Amendment to its Description



Session 15 – Amendments XI to XVII with original text


Session 16 – Amendments XVIII to XXVII with original text

Session 17 – Protecting the Constitution


Session 18 – Final Review - Part One


Session 19 – Final Review - Part Two and The Duties of a Good Citizen


Session 20 – Final Exam / Scoring / Graduation Certificates

        Appendix A – NCSS Standards - Session Cross Reference

        Appendix B – National Council for the Social Studies Standards

        Appendix C – Quizzes and Exams (blanks for duplication in the Teacher's Workbook)


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